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Hyperrealist Artist

Born in Padua, Italy (02/18/1992), Bryan Dalle Stelle discovered his passion for drawing right away. Spending most of his free time watching anime and cartoons, he learned the style by the best japanese artists. Bryan then agreed to copy what he saw in the comic books with the main focus on details even if, at first, it remained only a hobby. The transition from primary to secondary school and later to high school stopped the practice, but the passion remained strong in the boy.
” I was so focused on studying I had to shelve my biggest passion, but I remembered with pleasure the great feeling that gave me drawing “.
That’ s why, after graduation, Bryan decided to return to create new works, but this time in a new environment: the Internet


Bryan Dalle Stelle - Hyperrealist artist

Bryan Dalle Stelle – Hyperrealist artist



The Internet

After signing in the popular social network Facebook, Bryan Dalle Stelle discovered the world inside the networks and people realized the talent of the young italian hypperealist soon. Immediately users appreciated his work, at first portraits of famous people, and then all of his original drawings. In a short time his work became the subject of shares and ” likes ” , and his video received thousands of views too. 

Hyperrealist Artist

The return to the world of art translated in the research of improvement and , more broadly , in the research of perfection, which was found in the hyperrealistic style in this period . In fact, Hyperrealism is not simply a ” copy ” of a photograph or , more generally, a copy of reality , actually it deviates from the oldest and outdated school of Photorealism in trying to overcome the rigid barriers dictated by simple emulation of reality , adding social and cultural problems and focusing on details.

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible

Paul Klee

Surrealist Artist

Bryan Dalle Stelle, today a surrealist artist as well, after enrolling in the prestigious faculty of psychology at the renowned University of Padua, came into contact with the study of the most intimate and personal sphere of the individual: the unconscious. Fascinated and impressed by this new world, he was influenced and inspired by Freud’s psychoanalysis also in the artistic, dealing and getting closer and closer to Surrealism, a movement that has as its main theoretical poet André Breton.

A surrealist artist must express the pure psychic automatism, by means of which the artist proposes to express, in words or writing or otherwise, the actual functioning of thought. Control of thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, outside of any aesthetic and moral preoccupation.

Hence the dream , which can be considered the “soul” of this artistic movement, becomes the engine of his creations. Surrealism is therefore a psychic automatism, or the process in which the unconscious, the part of us that emerges in dreams, also manifests itself when we are awake and allows us to associate free words, thoughts and images without inhibitions and purposes preordered . Even though the indelible mark of the past as a purely hyperrealist artist remains clear in the boy, Bryan’s goal becomes turning eyes closed dreams into reality, translating them into daydreams. Every Surreal Works, in fact, can be interpreted as a metaphor of reality transferring a message to the public with a devastating force, in a much more eloquent and incisive way than any realistic work. If Realism aims for the essence of the human being, Surrealism looks for its mystery, just as psychoanalysis, and the union of these two philosophies so opposite yet complementary, the hidden one and the clearly revealed, is what makes really interesting the work of the guy,Bryan Dalle Stelle surrealist artist.

“Reality is a duty, but dreaming is a right.”

Bryan Dalle Stelle - Surrealist Artist

Bryan Dalle Stelle – Surrealist Artist


The Black and White are the protagonists of the drawings, but not just that, infinite shades create volumes and give depth to the picture , making it alive.

I’m Good At

Each completed work makes me even more hungry and eager to explore new artistic horizons.





Style and Technique

As a self taught artist, Bryan Dalle Stelle has never had the opportunity to attend courses of studies pertaining to art and, therefore, his knowledge comes from years of experience drawing. As time goes by he has honed his technique, characterized by precise and clean lines, thanks to which he started being interested in hyperrealism. Despite his young age, he is now able to create realistic portraits of graphite that animate the subjects of his works, making them vital and vibrant. In spite of what you might think, its purpose is not to recreate exactly the reality, as we see it. The drawings are meticulously detailed to evoke a reality that was not evident in the ‘initial image, making the artwork an intensification of it. In this perspective art is understood as an illusion of reality rather than its recreation and the ‘union of this style with surreal elements, fluctuating between Realism and Surrealism, makes it amplified and directed to both a physical and real level, as well as a metaphysical and abstract one.

Brand Identity Artist

A trademark concerns every personality, a summary of the essencial characteristics of each person.

Me and Alberto Mantovan, designer and photographer, decides to combine a pencil, a tool for creating emotions, with the initial of my name in order to create my own brand identity.

Brand Identity Artista


For my brand identity I chose a simple yet powerful tool, the pencil which is the medium that an artist uses to express what he wants.

B - Bryan

The initial of the name precedes every man, this is the detail that characterizes him in his entirety.

Pencil + Bryan

Pencil and letter , object and symbol , concrete and abstract, come together identifying my inner self, creating a strong and pertinent brand identity.


The program features numerous exhibitions , workshops and international contests to attend, although the primary focus is towards his fans . Bryan Dalle Stelle hopes that the continuous support through Social media realizes an increasing public who may help him in his realization and affirmation as an international freelance artist , through the already wide appreciation and the occasional criticism , even though they are constructive .

Stampe FineArt

Limited edition Fine Art prints, using only high quality paper
with Bryan Dalle Stelle's personal dedication


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